Oliver Durcan
© Oliver Durcan, 2017
Site by Luke McDonald
VMI (Visual Mechanical Inspection), 2016
Oil on Aluminium Panel, Lacquered Aluminium Panel
40(h) x 50(w) x 4-4.5(d) cm
MCD (Multiple Cracks In Display), 2016
Oil on Board with Brushed Aluminium Frame
32(h) x 24(w) cm
Dissection a, 2016
Segment of Damaged Aluminium Panel
60(h) x 14(w) x 4(d) cm
Dissection b, 2016
Segment of Damaged Aluminium Panel
6(h) x 60(w) x 4(d) cm
Scan, 2016
Powder Coated Steel on Aluminium Subframe
60(h) x 40(w) cm
Installation views alongside work by Henry Byrne (Exhibition: ‘Meander’ at Carousel Spaces, London)
Scan Pt.1, 2016
‘Scan Pt.1’ is a series of three paintings and two metal sculptures that focus on production, conservation and damage in art objects and references procedures used in the technical repair industry. Whilst making a transition on what I choose to make my paintings on, from wooden to aluminium panels, I have been considering the longevity of my paintings. In recent months, I’ve discussed and read about notorious stories of paintings warping, being impossible to preserve and losing value due to scratches or corner dents. This series uses these stories as a starting point and explores the physical conditions expected in paintings as objects.

Various types of real physical damage such as warping, denting and rust (all features that formally impact paintings’ value and gravitas) are features in the artworks through the series. On some panels it acts as source imagery to make realistic paintings from and on others, various preservation techniques are applied that show an attempt to mask or repair it. The work is presented in a state of examination referencing diagnostic titles and processes used in the technical repair industry that expose vulnerabilities in its material structure.

Scan Pt. 1 Information.pdf (detailed text)